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Richard Barrett is a Regent University student majoring in Political Communications, the author of three books, and creator of Thrilling War Stories, the Original Action History Series.

Published in 2014 for the Centennial of the First World War,The Forgotten History of World War I: From the Dark Ages to 1939 , was Richard Barrett’s senior graduation project, combining a PhD level thesis on European ideology, strategy, and tactics with an action-packed narrative style for all ages.

His second book, All Men Follow the Strongman: The Forgotten History of the Iraq War, explains how the Honor-Shame society of the Arab people has influenced Islam and Middle East Warfighting, and how the US Army and Marine Corps cracked the Arab culture code to bring peace and freedom for a bright shining moment to the people of Iraq.

His third book, Go Make America Great Again! How An Average Evangelical Became Trump’s Biggest Supporter, takes a break from the dissertation format, and in just 31 pages diagnoses why the modern Conservative movement has failed–and why Trump is the answer.

Richard Barrett has lived in all four corners of the United States,  and has worked jobs as diverse as construction worker, teacher, and museum docent at institutions including the Smithsonian and the National Museum of the Marine Corps.

He’s worked with Middle Eastern Refugees from Somali, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Turkey (before the media made migrants trendy), and has witnessed first-hand the the “Snowflake Factories” of America’s far-Left brick-and-mortar universities.

Richard Barrett excels in copywriting, research, public speaking, teaching, and marketing.

His latest book, Thrilling War Stories: Secret History of World War I launches his two-fisted Thrilling War Stories series and is the first book to be published in the Action History Genre.

Thrilling War Stories: Secret History of World War I is due May 2017 on

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